Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage On Cape Cod And South Shore

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pipesHopefully, everyone made it through our recent blizzard safely. Heavy snowstorms can pose a number of problems to homeowners. One of the most damaging events can be a sustained loss of power. Loss of food, communications, and most importantly, heat. A home left without heat can end up with frozen water pipes. The pressure from frozen water within a pipe can split pipes and lead to damaging water leaks once they are thawed out.

If you end up with frozen pipes:

Shut the water off at the main source valve

Turn the handles to the open position on all sinks to release pressure from the pipes

Once heat is restored, keep the water off and allow the pipes time to thaw for several hours

When turning water back on, do it slowly. Open the valve to 25% and have someone monitor throughout the house for leaks. Approaching this step cautiously could be the difference between a major water damage disaster and an isolated repair.

The thing to remember is if you do have a water intrusion event from a busted pipe, you have to act fast!  It only takes 48 hours of standing water to start mold growth and the sooner you dry out an affected area and remove wet materials the less a repair will cost you. So, if you have a water leak at your home call the Mold Pros! We are standing by to dry out and repair your water damage today!


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