A Barnstable Bulkhead Leak Leads to Mold

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mold on concrete in Barnstable basementJune has been among the four wettest in history, and after the heavy rains forecast for this weekend before July 4, it may very well move up in rank. That’s a lot of moisture, and coupled with the high temperatures we’ve also enjoyed, mold spores have enjoyed it a lot more than we have.

Mold Testing and Remediation – Cape Cod

That leads us to a job we’ve recently completed for basement mold problem at a home in Barnstable. Actually, it’s a pretty common and standard mold problem – – an aged bulkhead develops leaks, and water runs into the basement after a rain. In the absence of a dehumidifier, the moisture on the subfloor and foundation walls becomes a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Our approach was also standard for these conditions: we removed and replaced the insulation; and, HEPA vacuumed and scrubbed all surfaces with a biocide. Once the mold remediation was completed, we applied DryLock waterproof paint to the foundation walls and floors – – DryLock paint seals up the pores of the concrete walls and reduces the chance of moisture retention. The home owner had intentions of spending more time in his basement, so that coat of waterproofing paint gave the basement a clean and finished look.

Be sure to check your bulkheads from time to time, especially if your house is more than a few years old. The earlier a leak around an aged bulkhead is found, the less expensive your mold cleanup treatment will be.

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