A Duxbury Crawlspace with Both Mold and Pests

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mold in Duxbury crawlspaceThe crawlspace had a significant mouse infestation, and as is the case with infestation the insulation had become contaminated with rodent urine and droppings. The fiberglass material provides an ideal nesting spot for mice, and sure enough, they had settled there.

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We began, as we always do, with a work space containment, and the removal of the insulation, followed by exhausting airborne contaminants, and a HEPA vacuuming and scrubbing of all surfaces affected. With the insulation gone, we had a good view of the sill plate, and we sealed up all visible rodent entry points.

The crawlspace also had a moisture problem, which is what contributed to the growth of mold on sub floor beams. When we’d removed and cleaned the mold, we installed a poly plastic vapor barrier to suppress the rising soil moisture, and set up a dehumidifier to help keep the crawlspace dry. Finally, we installed new insulation and a mouse baiting system.

We recommend you check your exterior exposed foundation, as well as crawlspaces, from time to time for potential entry points of rodents. Keeping your crawlspaces dry, also, will prevent mold growth.

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