A Green Product Seals Surfaces and Blocks Moisture

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In our last blog post, we were discussing the comprehensive nature of a mold inspection, and the treatment and removal of mold discovered during an inspection. We noted that treatment of mold is a lot more than soapy hot water and a sponge, and that the source of the moisture must be discovered and cured.

We mentioned one of the green products we use – – MaxGuard – – and wanted to expand just a bit on its use and its purpose.

The Adsil Corporation manufactures MaxGuard, a protective clear coating for mold and mildew mitigation on numerous interior and exterior surfaces. We’ve used MaxGuard (formerly known as MicroBloc) for several years now, and find it to be an excellent coating material on surfaces we’ve cleaned of mold. It acts as a barrier to moisture, thus removing the source of moisture as we discussed in last week’s blog post.

We’re committed to protecting the environment and take great pride in being a green company using environmentally safe products in the course of our work. We believe MaxGuard to be an appropriate treatment for mold, and that’s why we use it.

Once again, please remember that our inspections are FREE. If you suspect a mold problem, give us a call and we’ll respond quickly, and in a very green way.

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