A Mold Remediation Job in Falmouth

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mold_in_basementThe Pros recently completed a job in Falmouth that we’d like to tell you about. Mold had been discovered during an inspection of a mostly unfinished basement. A portion of the basement had been finished off as an office. The home owner had not anticipated the humidity level that normally is found in a basement, and the condensation had led to mold growth on the foundation walls and sub-floor beams.

Our standard protocol was followed: containing the work space; removing and replacing the R19 insulation; and, HEPA vacuuming and biocide washing of all walls, ceilings and floors.

Fortunately, the mold conditions were caught early enough so that we were able to salvage the drywall from the basement’s finished section. We installed a Santa Fe dehumidifier with self draining pump to control humidity levels, and, we incorporated a vent to the office to ensure that it benefited from the humidifier, too.

This past week’s weather, with heat and humidity, followed by the 2″+ of rain that fell, can be problematic, and basements on Cape Cod should be checked. If you suspect a mold problem in your basement, remember that our inspections are FREE. Just as we did in this Falmouth mold remediation job, we can respond quickly to both your call and, if mold is noted during our inspection, we can remove and clean it up for you right away.

Call for your FREE inspection today.

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