April Showers and Mold

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Mold Removal Hyannis –

The Mold Pros of Cape CodThis month has been consistent with the notion that April brings showers – – more days with rain than without.  And, although the amount of rain is slightly below average for the month, it’s rain nonetheless, and that means moisture.

The song also says the April showers bring May flowers.  While that is true, the showers introduce moisture into any means of access your home may offer, whether a leaky roof or a crack in the basement.

That April moisture, then could bring May mold, and this is where the Mold Pros can help.  Those of us who live here know we’re already surrounded by water, and a high water table.  So, moisture is never far and is no stranger to basements.

Your spring cleaning check list is already made, we’re sure. The Mold Pros – recommend it include a close look at suspect areas, and we’re here to help.  Our inspections are free, from Provincetown on Cape Cod all the way up the south shore of Massachusetts.

Call today and we’ll be there tomorrow.

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