Marshfield Mold Issue Remediated

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homeowner inspecting roof for leak that caused mold in his atticWhen a leak in your roof develops, the introduction of moisture coupled with these recent high temperatures along the south shore of Massachusetts, will inevitably lead to mold growth. Such was the case in a recently completed job in Marshfield.

Once we established the presence of mold, we removed all contaminated insulation and discarded it. All surfaces were HEPA vacuumed, scrubbed with a biocide, and an antimicrobial encapsulate was applied to all structural wood. Finally, we reinsulated the affected area.

We introduced the customer to the leak spot so he could arrange for the necessary repair, and cautioned him to check his attic from time to time so as to avoid the future need to call us again. Remember – – – leaky spot and warm temperatures will lead to mold growth in your attic. So, we recommend you check your attic, too, and avoid needing us to help.

And, remember, too, that our inspections are FREE.

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