Mashpee Crawl Space Mold Cleanup

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We received a call from a home owner in Mashpee recently, asking us to inspect the home’s crawl space for a moisture andbasement crawlspace mold, MicroBloc, Duxbury, Scituate mold problem. For mold removal Mashpee – Cape Cod Mold Pros. Sure enough, upon inspection, we detected water and traced the source to a crack in the foundation block.

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Removal and cleanup of the mold we found included out standard protocol of establishing negative air pressure, the removal of insulation, HEP vacuuming, and biocide wash. We contacted a local mason to patch up the crack in the foundation and remove the source of the water leak.

Once assured the water leak had been properly patched, we re-insulated, and installed a poly plastic vapor barrier to cover the dirt floor in the crawlspace to suppress any rising moisture. Without a source of moisture in the crawlspace, we don’t anticipate another mold problem needing further remediation.

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