Mold Pros offers financing assistance for your unexpected home or commercial office repairs that are the result of mold.  Mold issues are often unexpected and in most cases are NOT covered under your home insurance policy.

In many cases, also, mold issues needing remediation and repair are discovered as a result of a home inspections conducted as a part of a sale. It would be a shame to have the potentially major expense of mold removal and home repairs cause your home sale to fall through.

To cover you and assist in these types of unexpected expenses, Mold  Pros can offer a Same as Cash Loan Program, and extend it for up to 180 days.  If your mold removal and repair project comes from a home inspection discovery that holds up the sale from closing, this 90 and up to 180 day Same As Cash is a perfect solution for you.  It can help you ensure your sale is concluded satisfactorily, and that as a result permits you to cover the Same As Cash Loan Program plan.

Mold Pros can also offer a Zero Interest Loan with up to 36 months to pay in full.  Again, mold issues and the need for removal and repair can be an unexpected expense.  The Pros can help you through that process, make it easier for you to afford the costs, and resolve the problem before it has a chance to worsen.


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