Moldy Basement in Chatham on the Outer Cape

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burst water pipe in Chatham on outer Cape Cod

Cape Cod Mold Inspection – Call The Mold Pros

There are some things that can’t be anticipated. When a problem occurs but is not immediately detected, though, the problem is compounded.

Such was the case of a pipe that burst in a Chatham home that went undetected for more than a week. That moisture source led to mold in the drywall, carpet and ceiling, and the job required extensive demolition.
Virtually every wall was removed, and all carpet lifted out.

In these sorts of conditions, it’s also important to contain the workspace in order to prevent the spread of mold sports. Cape Cod Mold Pros – Mold Remediation and Removal Chatham placed a barrier between the basement and the first floor level, which needed to be air tight to limit cross-contamination.

After removing all of the moldy materials, we sanitized the entire basement of the home. Fortunately, all of the wood framing was salvaged as undamaged by the mold. The drywall and carpeting, then, were the only rebuild elements.

Burst piping, when undiscovered like that, presents plenty of moisture in the immediate surroundings, and lead to severe mold growth. Don’t forget that The Pros’ inspections are FREE – – we may help you avoid a similar problem.

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