Pre-Sale Home Inspection for Mold

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mold inspection on cape codAre you planning to put your house on the market for sale this year? The recent data on the sale of homes on Cape Cod and the Massachusetts south shore suggest the market is improving, and that home sales are improving.

Home inspections are a part of all home sale transactions now, and everything from the structural integrity to the septic system and more are included in those inspections. Would you like to put your mind at rest with respect to the question of whether mold is present? Do you suspect that your home may have a mold problem but you’ve just been putting off doing anything about it?

The Mold Pros offer a free inspection of your home for mold problems, and we’d like to see you take advantage of that. If a mold problem is discovered during our inspection, we’ll be able to give you a quick report and estimate for mold removal and cleanup. Once you’ve said yes, our team of professionals will be at your door for the remediation work, using environmentally safe products and years of experience to cure the problem for you.

It costs you nothing to find out if a mold problem exists, and it is something that would be uncovered during a pre-sale home inspection anyway. The Mold Pros can help, so call today.

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