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air duct cleaning Cape Cod

If you own a home in Cape Cod, you probably already understand how crucial good indoor air quality is for you and your family. In our modern world where the air is filled with pollutants, having a haven where you can safely and comfortably breathe without fear of inhaling damaging toxins is of vital importance.

That’s why it’s critical that you pay attention to your air ducts. The way air gets into your home is through your ventilation system, and without a thorough air duct cleaning, Cape Cod residents may be living with all sorts of unwanted air duct debris, including:

• Allergens: Allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander can easily make their way into your ventilation system and, subsequently, into your air. This can cause sneezing, itching, redness and other allergy symptoms.

•Toxins: Toxins like mold, mildew and even rodent droppings may make their way into your air ducts, resulting in an unpleasant smell and unhealthy air.

•Other Debris: If you haven’t checked your air ducts in a while, or you never have, there’s really no telling what kind of debris could be in there that could affect your air quality.

Mold Pros Air Duct Cleaning in Cape Cod

If you’re seeking air duct cleaning in Chatham, Sandwich, Yarmouth, Dennis, MA or elsewhere in the Cape Cod area, Mold Pros is the company to contact. We are the experts among air duct cleaning companies — especially when it comes to mold removal.

When you call us to clean your air ducts, we will first put in an air duct camera so you can see just how disgusting your air ducts look now and just how beautiful they will look when we’re done. Then we’ll come in with top-of-the-line air duct cleaning equipment, putting your air duct system under negative pressure and thoroughly and fully clearing out all the debris that might otherwise find its way into your lungs. If we find mold in your ducts, we can fog the ducts with a biocide that will kill all the settled spores.

Once we’re done and you know your air ducts are free, clear and clean, you’ll breathe better and you’ll feel better, too, knowing that it’s fresh, clean air coming through your air ducts for your family to breathe. You will be amazed and delighted at the results.

Our air duct cleaning costs are extremely reasonable, and before we do any work we can give you a complete mold inspection at absolutely no cost to you. To schedule your free inspection, just fill out the form on the website and submit it. Or, if you’re ready to clean your air ducts and start breathing more freely today, give us a call at 508-888-0999 now.

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