Moisture Solutions

Moisture Solutions

It may shock you to learn this, but EPA studies have shown that indoor air is at least five times more polluted than outdoor air. We think of our homes as a safe haven from all the pollutants of the outside world, but the fact is that we often trap ourselves inside with poor quality air. What’s the solution?

Some indoor air pollutants are unavoidable. The very act of our daily activities, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, brushing our pets, etc. release pollutants into your air. One of the biggest problems, though — and one you can do something about — is mold growth in your home. Mold and toxic mold spores can severely downgrade the quality of your air and lead to breathing and other health problems. Moisture is what leads to mold.

This is why Mold Pros offers a variety of home moisture control systems for Cape Cod homes. If you can reduce the moisture, you can make it extremely difficult for mold to thrive. Some of the methods of home moisture control for Cape Cod homes that we offer include:

Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

These powerful dehumidifiers are versatile and powerful, fitting almost anywhere and able to remove as much as 110 pints of water a day. You can install them quickly and easily in your basement, attic or wherever moisture, and subsequently mold, is a serious problem.

DryAir Attic Fans

Mold loves to grow in attics because the airflow up there is usually so poor. If you’ve got a tough mold problem in the attic, a great solution may be a DryAir attic fan, which Mold Pros is happy to offer to our customers. Simply mount them to a gable window and link to your humidistat so it only runs when necessary.

Mold Pros for Mold Removal and Moisture Solutions for Homes in Cape Cod

Mold Pros can offer these and other home moisture control solutions for your Cape Cod home, including using a Dry-Lock waterproof sealant paint to keep moisture out of porous concrete walls and floors, as well as installing plastic vapor barriers.

To learn more about how Mold Pros can improve your indoor air quality with moisture control systems for homes in Cape Cod, give us a call at 508-888-0999. To schedule an absolutely free, no-obligation mold inspection, just fill out our online form and submit your information today.


Santa Fe Dehumidifiers

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EZ Breathe

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