Your Nose Knows Mold: Air Duct Cleaning in Plymouth

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air duct cleaning, clean ducts, air qualityAir Duct Cleaning in Plymouth: Always trust your nose when it comes to smells associated with mold in your home. With so much rain here on Cape Cod and the Massachusetts south shore this month, we’re all far more likely now to notice the odor of mold.

In a recent example of mold odors, we received a call from homeowners in Plymouth. They complained about a musty, moldy smell throughout their home. Although they’d looked in their basement, bathrooms and throughout their house, they could not find any signs of staining usually associated with mold buildup.

Once on the site, and after listening to their story, we began to suspect their HVAC air duct system. When asked, the homeowners told us they had not had the air duct system cleaned since its installation 15 years prior.

Upon inspection, we found that mold was thriving in the duct system, and thus spreading the odors throughout the house. We cleaned out the entire duct system, and then fogged the ducts with a moldicide to kill any lingering spores. We mixed a deodorizer additive with the moldicide, also, to help freshen up the air, replacing the once musty smell with a fresh linen scent.

The Cape Cod Mold Pros recommend an air duct cleaning every three to five years. If you’ve been longer than that since your last duct cleaning, give us a call. Our inspections are FREE, and we can be at your home tomorrow.

Oh, and once again – – trust your nose.

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