Why are certifications important? A certification from a recognized certifying body is a warranty of reliability. It means the service you’re receiving is one you can count on. This is extremely important in the area of mold inspection, testing and removal. Mold Pros offers certified mold inspections for Cape Cod homes because we know you need an inspection you can trust.

You can’t always see all of the mold in your home, and the mold you don’t see could damage your health and the health of your family. If your mold testing isn’t certified, you have no way of knowing whether the report you receive is accurate, meaning you have no way of knowing if the air in your home is safe.

Certified Mold Prevention in Cape Cod With Mold Pros

Mold Pros wants you to be confident in your mold removal service. Before we begin work on every job, Mold Pros does certified and independent mold testing. You get a report you can trust telling you exactly the mold situation in your home. Then, after the job is done, we do another certified mold test. Cape Cod residents can breathe freely after their mold removal with the peace of mind of having in their hands a certified testing report verifying and detailing the extent to which we have removed the mold from their homes.

If we didn’t offer certified testing, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy that kind of confidence. We want you to feel great about your cleaner, safer, mold-remediated home.

Pest Pros/Mold Pros Certifications

The Pest Pros/Mold Pros team can speak of two coveted certifications that we’re proud to share with our customers.

The first is from the New England Pest Management Association, or NEPMA. This organization, which has existed for over 80 years, is a group of pest management professionals who set the highest professional standards for pest management. These professionals come from throughout the New England area: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. We are delighted to share that our President and Owner, Dan Caouette, is certified by NEPMA as successfully completing their requirements for professional designation.

The other certification we’re proud to mention — one that will be of particular interest to those in need of mold removal in Cape Cod — is from the National Association of Mold Professionals, or NAMP. NAMP is a non-profit organization and the oldest and largest mold association in America, established with the mission of promoting and developing the mold inspection and remediation industry.


We share NAMP’s commitment to holding mold remediation specialists to the highest standards regarding testing, cleaning, air purifying, mold and mildew removal and customer service.