Mold Pro Services

house mold Cape Cod

If you’ve got mold in a house in Cape Cod, Mold Pros has the tools to handle it. But different mold issues may require different approaches. Mold in the attic may call for different solutions than mold in the basement. You may have a bacteria problem as well as a mold problem.

Because protecting your indoor air quality is so important, Mold Pros offers a variety of mold remediation-related services to help, including:

Air Duct Cleaning

The indoor air you breathe flows through your ventilation system, so it’s extremely important to keep that system as clean as possible. We’ll take care of any mold in your air ducts, of course, but also clear out any pet hair, dust or other debris that may have collected and that may be affecting your breathing.

Green Solutions

At Mold Pros, we believe in protecting the environment outside your home as well as inside your home and providing environmentally-friendly solutions to protect your environment from more than just mold. That’s why we offer green products like EcoBatt sustainable insulation and MaxGuard environmentally-friendly protective coatings. You can protect your home and your family while also doing the right thing for the environment.

Mold Inspection

Before you know what you want to do about your mold situation, you need to know what your mold situation is. Mold Pros offers a thorough and completely free mold inspection to identify your mold problem and help you decide on the best solutions for your home.

Mold Testing and Investigation

Good mold removal starts and ends with complete mold testing so the mold removal specialists know what they’re looking for and you know when we’ve done the job successfully. Our trained, certified testers will give you the advantage of knowing just how much mold is in your home before and after we’ve done our work so you can engage our services with confidence.

Mold Remediation

Naturally, our most important service is mold remediation. Our trained, certified mold remediation experts will perform the safest, most effective mold removal treatments to find and eliminate mold throughout your home and give you the best possible indoor air quality.

Bacterial Treatments

Bacterial contamination can also lead to mold and air quality problems. These often occur when rodents get into your insulation and nest there. We have bacterial treatments to handle this kind of situation and can remove and replace your existing insulation if necessary.

We’re more than happy to talk about any and all of our Mold Pro services for Cape Cod with you. For more information or to schedule a free mold inspection or any of our other services, call us today at 508-888-0999.