Bacterial Treatments

Bacterial Treatments

Mold Pros is best-known for our high-quality mold removal and treatment. We also offer skilled mold odor control for Cape Cod homes, along with mold odor removal. Cape Cod homes can be beautiful, but not even a great-looking home can disguise the smell of mold in the air.

But we can solve more problems than just mold. There are other types of contamination that may afflict your home, such as bacterial contamination. Fortunately, Mold Pros has the answer for this type of contamination as well.

Protect Your Home Form Bacterial Contamination With Proper Insulation

One of the problems that can lead to poor air quality in your home is your insulation. Your insulation can attract rodents along with airborne bacterial spores that contribute to the conditions that result in mold.

If you have infested or contaminated insulation, the only solution is to get rid of it. Fortunately, Mold Pros is well-equipped to clean out any contaminated material and replace your installation to improve your air quality.

Cape Cod Mold Treatment

EcoBatt Insulation Following Mold Sterilization in Cape Cod

At your request and with your consent, we will get rid of your existing insulation and replace it with eco-friendly EcoBatt insulation. If you are interested in green initiatives and green home improvement efforts, EcoBatt insulation is perfect.

Unlike standard fiberglass insulation, which is made with toxic materials like formaldehyde and phenol, Ecobatt insulation is completely sustainable and uses renewable, recyclable materials like sand and post-consumer glass bottles. Once we install your EcoBatt insulation, you’ll enjoy temperature control, energy savings and the knowledge that you’re contributing to a healthier environment.

Contact Mold Pros Today for Complete Bacterial Cleanup and Mold Remediation

We want you and your family to have the cleanest air possible to breathe, which is why we’ll take every step possible to give you the best indoor air quality we possibly can. That means cleaning out any bacterial contaminants, removing all the mold we find, filtering your air, cleaning your air ducts and replacing your insulation at your request. We’ll also provide you with methods to prevent airborne contaminants from returning.

To learn more about how we work toward making and keeping your home mold-free, or for any other matters related to mold remediation, give us a call at 508-888-0999. Or, to get started on your road to a mold-free environment by scheduling a completely free mold inspection, just fill out and submit our online form. We’ll contact you shortly after we receive your information to set up your appointment so we can help you determine just what kind of mold remediation or other indoor air quality-related solutions you need for your home.