Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

If you need mold removal in Cape Cod, Mold Pros is the company to call. In addition to being unsightly, mold is a toxic substance that can be dangerous to adults, children and pets living in a home. It can cause breathing disorders, nausea, skin irritations and worse. If you are living with mold, it may be making you sick without your even knowing it. It is vital that you make sure to remove all the mold from your home as soon as possible.

Finding Quality Mold Remediation in Cape Cod

Quality residential mold removal in Cape Cod is about more than just a basic cleaning of the mold that you can see. At Mold Pros, we follow the S520 protocol to contain and ventilate the mold-affected area in your home to remove airborne mold spores that may cause cross-contamination.

We do this with a wide array of airborne mold remediation equipment, including HEPA vacuums, zip-walls and industrial sprayers.

We know it can be hard to know if your home is fully clear of mold. Mold can be insidious in the way it hides in your home in areas where you can’t see it and don’t know where to look for it, which is part of why it can be so hard to get rid of. That’s why you’ll be pleased to know that we are certified testers of mold infestation. We use an independent lab to analyze clearance test results once a Cape Cod mold remediation job is complete, to verify the job is fully done and to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Environmentally-Friendly Mold Removal

At Mold Pros, we also believe that quality Cape Cod mold removal means eco-friendly mold removal. Purifying your air of mold doesn’t do you much good if we’re filling the air with other toxic chemicals. This is why we make a point to work with companies like Green Technologies, Bayer and Microbloc to ensure high environmentally-conscious standards with the products we use for home mold removal in Cape Cod.

Whether you need mold removal in Barnstable, Fairmouth, Plymouth, Chatham, Hyannis, MA or other areas in and around the Cape Cod area, for complete, clean and safe mold removal of visible mold and airborne mold spores, the company to contact is Mold Pros. Get in touch today using the form provided to set up your completely free mold inspection and to find out what our services can do for you and the loved ones living in your home. Contact us today for mold removal services!